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Ankaran: A Hidden Gem on the Slovenian Coast

The municipality of Ankaran was founded in 2011 and is the youngest in Slovenia! In the south it is completely surrounded by the sea, while in the north it borders Italy and the municipality of Koper. This city, a wide-open window in the Mediterranean, has been charming visitors for centuries with its extraordinary, natural bays and vineyards and olive groves, which brings them a sense of home, relaxation and contact with nature. The atmosphere here can be described as green, as nature descends to the sea, with calmness and authenticity.

Most of the protected natural attractions can be found in the area of the landscape park between Valdoltra beach and Lazaret. The coast, which is twelve kilometers long, is adorned with steep cliffs and in the east flows into the plain at the mouth of the Rižana river. In the east, at the mouth of the river Rižana, the coast turns into a plain. Some sections of our coast are extremely naturally unique and therefore enjoy protection as natural reserve areas, mostly within the Debeli rtič Landscape Park. Even on the coastal plain east of Ankaran, you can at Sv. In Nikolaj, you will discover a unique Mediterranean salt meadow, which is also the only one in Slovenia. The plain then passes into the area of the port for international traffic in Koper, which is an important part of the eastern coastal plain.

The area has a moderate Mediterranean climate and is very well exposed to the sun due to its location. The Ankara Peninsula is therefore a popular destination for both families and individual travelers in a group. It especially attracts nature lovers, as it offers a mild Mediterranean climate in an extremely mild time, making it attractive all year round for walkers, cyclists and also those who want a spa experience.