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Ankaran by Season: The Best Time to Visit

Ankaran, as a seaside town in Slovenia, offers different experiences in different seasons. Every season has its charms, so the best time to visit depends on your preferences and the activities you want to experience.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Ankaran because of the warm and sunny weather. This is the ideal time to sunbathe on the beaches, swim in the Adriatic Sea and enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. During this period, various summer events and open-air concerts take place, which bring liveliness to the city.

Autumn is also a wonderful time to visit Ankaran, as the temperatures are still pleasant and the crowds die down. This is a great time for hiking and biking through the picturesque landscapes, as nature takes on colorful autumn colors. Local restaurants and vineyards offer the opportunity to try traditional Istrian cuisine and wines.

Winter in Ankaran is mild and suitable for those who want a calm vacation by the sea. This is the time to relax in the Ortus Wellness Center and enjoy warm saunas and relaxing massages. Although there is not an abundance of tourists, winter walks by the sea and exploring the city’s cultural heritage are still excellent choices.

Spring in Ankaran is the time when nature awakens and the city begins to blossom. The temperature is becoming more pleasant, which allows for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and sightseeing. This is also the time when the vineyards are in full bloom, making it possible to visit wine cellars and wine tasting. Our staff at the hotel can also arrange such an excursion at your request.

Depending on your preferences and interests, Ankaran is attractive throughout the seasons. Summer is ideal for those looking for sea fun, while spring and autumn are more suitable for nature and culture lovers. Winter, however, offers a peaceful and relaxing break.