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After festive pleasures and plenty of delicious moments of December, it’s time to pay some attention to your body and spirit!

We offer you a two-day experience, of course it is also possible to participate for just one day. The Saturday program is in the afternoon, and Sunday is designed to really treat yourself and take the whole day for yourself.


  • Saturday, 6/1/2024, 15:00-21:00
  • Sunday, 7/1/2024, 8:00-18:30


Wellness Center Rezidence Ortus, Jadranska cesta 86a, in Ankaran.

We are located on the opposite side of the road of Valdoltra Hospital.

What is the program?


15:00-15:30 Welcome drink / small school of correct, healthy sauna use

15:30-16:00 Marine cleansing sauna program - herbal sauna

16:00-16:30 Workshop - how to effectively cleanse and detoxify the body

16:30-17:00 Let’s nourish the skin and body with a wrap of green time - Finnish sauna

17:00-17:30 Shaman’s breath ceremony - an unforgettable journey

17:30-18:00 Ancient ritual Siberian sauna - Finnish sauna

18:00-19:00 Time for refreshments and rest

19:00-19:45 Sound journey of the mighty gong - salt cave

19:45-20:15 Japanese ZEN journey of silence - Finnish sauna

20:15-21:00 Meditation - journey to the center of the heart - resting place


8:00-9:00 Good morning life - meditation by the waves of the sea

9:00-10:00 Healing effects of cold water and ice bath - immersion in the sea

10:00-10:30 Welcome drink, small school of proper, healthy sauna use

10:30-11:00 Body and spirit cleansing according to the Greek recipe - herbal sauna

11:00-11:30 Eternal youth and resilience workshop - rest area

11:30-12:00 Among the scents of Tibet, Nepal and India - Finnish sauna

12:00-13:00 Ancient vibrations of a unique gong - salt cave

13:00-14:00 Free time for refreshments and rest

14:00-14:30 Workshop on healthy and correct fasting - rest area

14:30-15:00 Renewal of body and spirit according to the recipe of Italy - herbal sauna

15:00-15:30 Following the traces of ancient sounds - sound bath - rest area

15:30-16:00 Aromatherapy of healing forest scents - Finnish sauna

16:00-16:30 Workshop - my path of self(p)care - rest area

16:30-17:00 Among the scents of the magical Amazon - Finnish sauna

17:00-18:00 Meditation - back to yourself - resting place

18:00-18:30 Socializing, sharing experiences, feelings and impressions

18:30 Conclusion

What is the price?

  • For Saturday participation, you will be charged 62.00€ / per person.
  • For Sunday pampering, you will be charged 82.00€ / per person.
  • If you decide on a complete two-day relaxation, we give you a 10% discount on Sunday participation, so you only pay 135.80€ / per person for the whole weekend.

The price includes all the above-mentioned scrubs, oils and also snacks that will contribute to your holistic experience.

Join us on this journey of transformation and discover how you can live a full and fresh life with a little attention to yourself. Knowing how to maintain inner harmony is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself.

The number of places is limited. To buy tickets, contact our staff and call: +386 51 315 143 or send an inquiry via email: