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Delight your loved ones with pampering at Residence Ortus!

Give them a gift certificate that they can use when our wellness opens in September 2021.


  • Mandatory prior appointment with the hotel by phone: +386 5 663 11 55 or e-mail:

  • The gift voucher can be redeemed depending on the availability of hotel facilities and demand

  • Before buying a gift certificate, be sure to check the occupancy of the desired date

  • The gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • Please, after paying the gift voucher to, send us the address for issuing the invoice and the address where you would like us to send the gift voucher.

  • A gift voucher is considered used if the user has booked an appointment but has not arrived or canceled the appointment 48 hours earlier

  • Discounts for children: children up to 3 years in bed with parents stay free of charge

  • Possible surcharges: for a family with children from 3 years onwards, surcharge for a stay in a suite is according to the current price list.

  • Upon check-in at the hotel, you must present: Identity document, gift certificate and confirmation of the appointment.

  • For multiple consecutive nights, you can purchase multiple gift certificates or a gift certificate that has multiple nights included.

  • Gift certificates are non-refundable

  • Smaller pets are allowed by prior arrangement and with a surcharge of 20 € / for the entire stay.

                    Tourist tax surcharge at the hotel on departure (not included in the price of the gift voucher).

                    Tourist tax price list: Adult = 2.5 € / person / day

  • Children from 7 to 18 years = € 1.25 a day

  • The use of the wellness center is in accordance with government measures and orders

  • If the offer cannot be used within the stated terms due to force majeure, the hotel will, by agreement and subject to availability, allow use in alternative terms in a comparable season.

spa stones

Ortus Package

Imagine a clear night, a sky full of stars and your loved one. A large hotel room with a comfortable bed. Excellent sparkling wine and sweet strawberries coated with dark chocolate. A full day visit to the wellness center, where you can relax your senses and indulge in the positive effects of sauna, massage and aromatherapy. Finish the day with an intimate dinner on the hotel terraces. When dreams become a reality.  


Overnight: 1x overnight stay in our Superior room for two people.

Sweet welcome: In the room - juicy fruit coated with dark chocolate.

Refreshing welcome: 1x selected Slovenian sparkling wine.

Pampering and relaxation: Unlimited access to the wellness center.

Culinary experience: Excellent buffet breakfast and 1x intimate dinner for twoon the hotel terrace with a glass of local wine

Price for two persons: 199€

Venus Package

Treat yourself to good food accompanied by excellent sparkling wine on the terrace with a beautiful view, and end the beautiful day in our Superior room. The morning sunshine will invite you to a gourmet breakfast that will provide enough energy for a day full of experiences. Continue your pampering with a visit to the wellness center, where the skillfull hands of our masseurs will make sure that you forget about all  your worries.


Overnight: 2x unforgettable overnight stay in a Superior room for two people.

Refreshing welcome: 1x Selection of excellent Slovenian sparkling wine and welcome drink at dinner.

Culinary experience: Excellent buffet breakfast.

Pampering and relaxation: Unlimited use of Wellness + 1x aromatherapy for her and him.

Price for two persons: 260€

Woman in a Sauna
woman in towel

Diana Package

Sometimes when life gets so busy, you just need to stop, breathe and take a day to yourself. That is why we offer you a short but sweet escape from the real world. A classic massage will relax the body, wonderful wellness and pleasant fragrances will relax your soul, and our pleasant staff will take care of relaxing your mind.

Pampering: Classic massage (40 min.) for her and him 4 hour sauna experience

Refreshing welcome: 1x welcome drink for her and him.

Price for two persons: 99€

Cupid Package

Pampering for her and for him. Just the way it should be.The kind that will make your love blossom like a flower. All your worries will be  washed away as you start your alone time with a tall glass of sparkling wine.  We recommend you jump in the wellness straight away and let the sensuality of the aromas, romantic setting and warmth set in. We will make sure you are completely relaxed. And as we know love goes through the stomach, there will be a table waiting on the terrace with your name on it, ready for a culinary delight.  

Overnight stays: One night stay with a rich breakfast included in a Superior room for two people.

Refreshing welcome: A selection of excellent Slovenian sparkling wine and a welcome drink at dinner.

Sweet welcome: A basket of fresh fruit will be waiting for you in the room, and, as befits a sparkling wine, fruit covered with dark chocolate.

Culinary experience: This night you will be able to indulge in excellent cuisine at a romantic dinner for two people. Mateo and Anja will cook for you.

Pampering and relaxation: With unlimited use of the wellness area, you can indulge in pampering - manicures and pedicures for her and a 30 minute back massage for him.

Price for two persons: 250€

Spa Salts and Stones
Massage Stones

Juventas Package

We know that the secret of the elixir of youth is in taking good care of yourself. Secret lies in long naps, lazy days, laughing so hard it makes your stomach hurt and cheating your diet every now and then with some really good food and a cheeky glass of your favourite drink and in complete surrender in the hands of a good masseus. We will awaken your senses and make you feel energised.


Overnight stays: 3 unforgettable overnight stays with breakfast for two people in a Superior room.Refreshing welcomes: The hotel bar will welcome you with a welcome drink at any time with our in-house smoothie.

Sweet welcome: A basket of fresh fruit will be waiting for you in the room upon arrival.

Pampering and relaxation: With unlimited use of the wellness, you can relax daily with aromatherapy for her and him.

Culinary experience: For three nights you will be able to indulge in excellent cuisine at a romantic dinner for two. Mateo and Anja will cook for you.

Price for two persons: 499€

Spa Treatment Stones


The body is positively affected by sweating as well as alternating heating and cooling of the body.Experts recommend sauna for several beneficial effects:

  • effectively cleanses the skin and promotes blood circulation to all tissues.

  • the exchange of heating and cooling also has a good effect on the heart, blood pressure,endocrine glands, kidneys and nervous system

  • has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system,

  • especially steam saunas have a beneficial effect,on respiratory diseases, including asthma

  • stimulates metabolism

  • accelerates the excretion of toxic substances from the body

  • strengthens the immune defense system

  • has a good effect on mental well-being.



Massage is a purposeful and systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, which improves well-being and affects health. Massage is a manual therapy performed by the hands. The contact of the person with the person gives the massage its unique healing potential. It is important which massage technique we choose. Each technique has its effects that need to be known, if we want to achieve the desired goal with a massage. Massage helps in tissue regeneration (healing of muscle fibers) in the regeneration phase. Massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and consequently causes it secretion of endorphins (happiness hormones), so it acts anti-stress.

Manicure & Pedicure

   Feel confident at the beach!    The palms need regular care as they are daily,under weather and mechanical influence.Of course, we regularly take care of them ourselves, but when more serious problems arise,our experienced wellness staff will take care of your palms and feet.


Facial Treatment

 The face is a mirror of our spirit

Our face and skin are constantly under the influence of external harmful factors.Excessive sunbathing, smoking, diet, stress,weight and hereditary design on our skin over the years leave certain consequences.Due to the aging of the skin, the skin does not produce new cells as fast as it used to,therefore, it becomes thinner, more prone to dryness, and less elastic.Wrinkles appear, the skin's power to regenerate is reduced,the pigmentation also becomes uneven.With the care of our professionally experienced staff your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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