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What is Salt therapy?

The salt cave is an artificially created chamber in which we reproduce the microclimate of salt mines.


Why do I need salt therapy?

Salt therapy is a natural cure for all types of lung diseases. Visit our salt chamber when you need to relax and strengthen your immune system.


Best practices for your visit

Salt therapy should be viewed as an ongoing therapy incorporated as part of traditional treatment.

Breathe in with your full lungs.

For booking write us at or call +386 5 663 11 55.

We advise you to book the service at least one day in advance. Please notify us of any health problems or restrictions when booking.

Before visiting the salt cave


It is necessary to consult your personal physician about visiting the salt cave in case of certain health issues. In no case can a visit to the salt cave replace the prescribed therapies of official medicine. Salt therapy is not suitable for patients with severe hypertension, severe chronic respiratory failure, active tuberculosis, severe bleeding, cancer, poisoning, and heart failure.

Therapies are not limited in number, nor can you put your body in a position of dependence with salt therapies. It is most optimal to repeat the salt therapy within 48 to 72 hours after the first therapy. The effect of salt therapy is felt after the first therapy, but in order to achieve the maximum success of salt therapies, it is recommended to perform them every second or third day in a cycle of 3, 6, 12 or 15 therapies, if necessary even more.

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